Laura Tedeschi Expressiv Art

I was born on 1968 in Rapallo, grown up in Asiago, then 16 years ago moved to Vienna, where I have my Atelier. My passion to art happens early, alredy in my family, thanks my father, the master impressionist, Gianni Tedeschi. From my father I learned the spirit of the artist, the painting techniques, I have had the great luck to approach with great masters, and no at less and important: I lerned early to live in direct contact with the art market. I spend years and years study in the design and following my sensitivity and instinct, going to introspection in a natural way. I approach timidly to the Impressionism to became an Expressionists artist. I always lived in contact with nature and now that I live in Vienna, my Studio is located near the the Wienerwald, (Döbling) where Klimt and Schiele found many of their artistic subjects.


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